Merge your Realities

    A truly immersive experience enabled by our 119.5°field of view (FoV) makes for a captivating AR encounter.

    Family Entertainment

    The RealMax Qian can augment digital images into our real-world environment that almost mirrors a human visual experience. Peripheral view is also maintained through the windowed side panels completing an intensively immersive viewing experience that will be exciting for all members of the family.

    AR Gaming

    The glasses place us in the middle of action coming from a variety of apps. Users can explore multiuser sporting challengers, engage in immersive adventure games and play in interactive music systems. 

    VR Gaming

    Switch to VR mode with the magnetic VR clip-on shade and play VR games using Steam© Valve using wireless streaming or a NOLO module.

    RealMax AppStore

    The Qian is supported by a constantly growing number of apps including everything from cooking guides to interior design measuring tools. 

    Industrial & Education Sectors

    The Qian is in wide use today for employee training, remote support, K-12 education, and advanced research. 

    Open Source Platform

    RealMax is providing the source code to the Qian’s Unity SDK enabling the creation of almost any kind of application. 

    Peripheral Devices Supported

    Gaming experiences will be enhanced through the use of plug-in USB 3.1C modules such as Nolo wireless devices and Leap Motion hand tracking. Note that these devices are not include with the glasses. 

    Why RealMax Qian?


    Chip : Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

    Gyroscope : 9-axis IMU sensor Gravity sensor

    Camera : High definition RGB main camera

    Memory : 4GB RAM; 64GB ROM

    Data Transmission : Bluetooth, WIFI, USB-OTG

    Pixel Per Inch : 600

    Battery : 6000mAH Lithium Battery

    Interface : AR 3D Space operating interface

    Resolution : 2K  Weight : 530g

    Packing Size : 300mmX235mmX175mm

    Connectivity : Hotspot,wifi,screen,mirroring

    AR/VR In One

    Easily convert from AR to VR by simply clipping on our customized VR shade.

    6DOF tracking

    Using three cameras to obtain 6 DOF tracking the RealMax Qian allows you to see AR everywhere.

    One Size Truly Fits All

    RealMax Qian’s versatile design adjusts to comfortably fit all sizes of head, hair styles, and even fits over most prescription glasses. 

    "We're still waiting for the day when augmented-reality glasses will make the leap from development hell to true consumer tech. RealMax is pushing the market one step closer to fruition with its Qian headset." 

    "What do you call a group of people wearing AR goggles together? A flock? A gaggle? A nerdherd?" 

    "RealMax's AR and VR device with hand tracking by Leap Motion and an epic 102-degree field of view, was used for a multiplayer AR game which involved grabbing fish and knocking over boxes...their booth was one that drew the biggest crowds." 

    "Unlike so many of the devices shown each year at CES, Qian actually contains some compelling differentiators: It’s lightweight, tetherless, and offers a very wide-angle video display by augmented reality headset standards." 



    RealMax is an international enterprise focusing on the area of Augmented Reality with its headquarter in Shanghai. Since its establishment in 2003, RealMax has developed and expanded into a multinational corporation with offices in Seattle and Hong Kong, and more than 150 employees worldwide.

    RealMax has more than ten years of experience in hardware development and software engineering. It has been actively developed the core technology of independent intellectual property rights and formed a well-rounded capability of developing hardware, software, and content. RealMax’s advantages are reflected in its complete business ecosystem and comprehensive industrial chain in the area of Augmented Reality, as well as the width and depth in global business undertakings.