REALMAX 100: 100.8° immersive Large FOV AR Glasse

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The REALMAX allows a human to view and interact with a fusion of 3d digital content and reality. It brings the future to today, redefining the existence of everything.


  • 100.8°FOV,Super immersion:The Hololens 2 and Magic Leap have a relatively small field view of about 50 degrees. Our REALMAX 100 have got a field view of 100.8 degrees which is 2 times the visible picture of them. When the visible area covers most of the people’s field of view, a miracle will happen: you will feel that you get into the screen and immerse in a world mixed with reality and virtuality. Lateral see-through leans allow users to have 100.8 degrees FOV to the real world so that you can walk freely.


  • 6DOF Tracking:Front rear balance design, with an internal processor and battery. The position of a user is determined via a 6-DOF inside-out dual camera system, that works by understanding the world around us.No external markers or beacons are required.


  • AR/VR Switchable: VR mode switching and mag-attach shades allow a user to enter the fully immersive world of VR, without the discomfort of "brick" type VR design.


  • Ultra long battery lifetime: 6000mAH detachable quick charge battery can support 5-hour use and 100-hour standby.


  • High performance standalone: With Qualcomm 835 full power CPU, micro fan active cooling system, High performance GPU,Low latency DSP,Large capacity memory.


  • Ultra Comfort Eyeglasses compatible: Integrated molding to fit different face and head shapes. It is lightweight, ultra comfortable to wear, and compatible with the wearing of almost all prescription eye-glasses.


  • NetworkIt can work with Internet of Things / Artificial Intelligence: Via WIFI, BT, Internet, GPS, IR remote control, AI and voice image recognition, the user can use the device to control appliances or robots;


  • Natural interaction:The REALMAX is supplied by a hand controller that provides buttons, joystick control, and "wand" like interaction with the real and digital world around us. A USB 3.1C compatible accessory port allows the connection of external recognition and input devices.


  • Production Plant: The REALMAX has been designed by an international team of engineers and scientists who have been leading Augmented Reality R&D for the last decade. It is now being built by the world's foremost VR headset manufacturer who have previously produced head mounted displayes for Sony, Microsoft, Oculus, and Qualcomm.


  • Package:
  1. REALMAX 100 AR Glasses
  2. VR Cover
  3. Controller
  4. USB-C Power Cable
  5. Micro USB Power Cable
  6. Power Adaptor
  7. Lithium Battery
  8. Quick Start Guide
  9. Cleaning Cloth
  10. Paper Box
  11. Portable Package